Debunking Squat Myths: Are Deep Squats Bad For The Knees?

Squat University

The squat is a staple exercise in almost every resistance-training program. Today athletes of all ages and skill levels use the barbell squat to gain strength and power. However, a good amount of controversy still exists on its safety. There are many opinions when it comes to optimal squat depth. Some experts claim squatting as deep as possible (ass-to-grass) is the only way to perform the lift. Others believe deep squats are harmful to the knees and should never be performed. So who should we believe?

History 101

To start, we need to discuss where the fear of deep squatting originated. Let’s take a trip back to the 1950’s. We can trace the safety concerns with the deep squat back to a man by the name of Dr. Karl Klein. The goal at the time was to understand the reason behind the rise in number of college football players sustaining…

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