Can The Knees Go Over The Toes? (Debunking Squat Myths)

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Squat University

Welcome back to Squat University. Last week we discussed the myth that squatting deep is dangerous for the knees. After looking into what actually happens at the knee joint we were able to debunk this misconception. Healthy athletes can perform the squat to full depth without worrying about hurting their knees given proper training methods. We should all feel free to squat ass-to-grass as long as correct technique is used and we don’t max out every day.

Today I want to tackle another common myth of the squat. There is a strong held belief by many that the knees should never go over the toes when squatting.

Just last week, I was guest lecturing to a class of physical therapy students at the University of Missouri. I asked a simple question, “How many people here think we should never have our knees go past the toes while squatting? Following my…

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